What Is The God Experience?

Just imagine a revolutionary educational and entertainment attraction that communicates the simple, provocative Christian story to young and old.

This story will be told in ways that are disarming, fun, historically accurate and visually mind-blowing.

The Story

The overarching theme of Christianity will be presented by unfolding the basic story of God’s original dream for humankind and Creation; where things went wrong; how they were righted; and what that means for those who want to live a life that matters.

The Attraction

This attraction will be an amazing journey of discovery that will stun people into wonder and inspire them as they experience the Greatest Message Ever Told in a way that its never been delivered before – through sight, sound and touch…

How do we achieve this?

Do you believe the world is changed when those who do good collaborate with those who can help fund that good?
We believe there is no greater ‘good’ than to help individuals understand the claims of the Christian story, its worldview and importantly, how we as individual created beings, ‘all fit’ into that story. The result is the individuals’ transformation. And it’s beautiful.

Why here. Why now?

Look around. America is losing its spiritual soul to what is fast becoming a ‘me-first’ ‘secularized society. Increasingly, people are immersing themselves in superficial lifestyles that stimulate the senses but do little more. Families are weakening and religious commitment is waning while our culture becomes polarized and jaded. Something needs to be done.

Each person is a created, dream-come-true from God. Yet, most live far below their potential.

Do you believe inspiring individuals to be better and happier human beings by bringing them face-to-face with the claims of Christ a worthwhile cause?

The Need

Our culture is rapidly moving away from traditional views on just about everything. In their search many have rejected our Judeo-Christian heritage out-of-hand without ever really considering its claims. Many more wonder if there is such a thing as universal truth.

They live in the confusion that there are no consequences if one lives the way one wants.

Some are calling America a “post-Christian” nation simply because there are few have dared to find ways to communicate the Christ message in vibrant and provocative ways – until now.

The Solution

Modern media, technology and entertainment are having a huge impact on our changing culture. By embracing these contemporary tools that move and inspire us, you’ll witness an amazing break-through experience where the Christian narrative will become vividly understandable.

The God Experience is not a theme park but a soul enriching attraction.

One that engages you by communicating the simple, provocative Christian story in a revolutionary immersive environment using modern media and technology. It may cause you to pause, consider and enter into the wonder that the story declares.

The Convergence of Truth and Technology

Just picture walking through, and around, The God Experience attraction and discovering the thematic quality of a theme park, the educational allure of a museum and the interaction of a science center all woven in one unique destination.