The God Experience at Heritage Hill will touch and change thousands of lives.

Nestled lakeside in the natural beauty of the Ozark Mountains, Branson, Missouri is America’s affordable, family entertainment capital.
Branson has always emphasized a fun, family-friendly feeling of being right at home. Offering an array of live theaters, themed attractions and recreational pursuits, the community embodies essential American values such as generosity of spirit and faith in a warm, genuine and inviting atmosphere. There is an increasing groundswell of market demand for values-based family entertainment. The God Experience will offer something unique and of profound interest to people seeking quality family-friendly edutainment.

Site Location

The God Experience sits on top of Heritage Hill, a centrally located, dominant hilltop with excellent visibility and accessibility from Branson’s most frequented destinations. The location is ideally suited for a themed, mixed-use attraction complex and includes adequate expansion area for additional accommodation, conference and educational facilities. The site is a naturally wooded 14.5-acre parcel making for a spectacular and serene location.
The God Experience at Heritage Hill will touch and change thousands of lives by creating something of exceptional quality and value, attracting all kinds of people as a result of its uniqueness and personal message.
When you mix a variety of engaging education and entertainment activities in a strategic location, something extraordinary occurs in the lives of all who attend.

Heritage Hill

The God Experience Attraction

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