The Venue

A strategically positioned, media-driven, ‘education-through-entertainment’ venue wrapped in 55,000 square feet of spectacular interactive thematic environments. Cutting edge technologies, virtual theaters, immersive exhibits and intimate, personal experiences will be woven together to capture your imagination and illustrate the timeless, relevant truths found in the Holy Bible.

This walk through ‘edutainment’ attraction is designed as a fun-filled experience for the whole family to enjoy. Our aim is to create a venue that attracts, inspires and captivates you by revealing a God who provides the purpose and means to fulfill a person’s dreams.

Arrival Plaza

As you approach the venue, you are amazed to behold the building forms wrapped in beautifully sculptured stone panels, offering tantalizing hints of the ancient stories to be revealed within. You get the sense that there is something very special about this place.

Upon entering the building, you’ll raise your eyes to discover a moving, vaulted space hinting at the incredible complexity and divine brilliance of creation. The visually stimulating lobby will feature a spectacular, living stained glass window animating the wonders of the universe.

Wisdom of the Ages

Upon leaving the entrance lobby and passing through a narrow portal, you enter the ‘The Lost Dream’ – an attraction like no other. The worn and weathered chamber, perhaps thousands of years old, speaks to the earliest days of Christianity. You’ve come upon an archeological dig and sense a bridge between the past and present. There are secrets here for you to discover.

At first the ruins are vague in the shadows, but slowly, dim light begins to flicker. The focus here is on Christian history – richly conveyed through engaging exhibits, unique multi-media and an interactive timeline chronicling major biblical moments in line with other world events.

Virtual Theatre

You arrive in a large, softly lit space humming with anticipation. All around you the universe blazes with bright, brilliant stars as God’s glorious night sky is revealed. A low reverberation begins to shake the ground as music builds and the greatest show known to mankind begins…

By using cutting-edge 4D media technology combined with stunning visual imagery and special effects you’ll be immersed in the story of how Jesus, through His sacrifice at the cross, divinely re-established our lost relationship with God. It will also show how, through faith in Christ, we can each be part of God’s dream for us by becoming more fully human; more fully in God’s image.

Discovery Experience

A short passageway opens to a large, vibrant space filled with fascinating exhibits and interactive experiences. Here you’ll explore God’s Dream and the many mysteries it presents in life. Navigate your own spiritual adventure. Learn more about real-life heroes who have discovered God’s purpose for their lives and taken action.

Have you ever wondered how each one of us can contribute to the good of all humanity? This area provides information and direction to questions as old as our existence. Through multi-media and interactive features, you’ll see how a robust spirituality has been woven into all great human achievement and discovery throughout history.

Retail Experience

Here you’ll find one of the most unique Christian resource stores in the region, stocked with a broad range of quality merchandise and educational materials. The store provides a way for you to take part of The God Experience home and will also be a source of inspiration and guidance to all those pursuing a deeper faith experience.

The merchandise will be presented among a beautiful display of paintings and sculpture created by some of the world’s finest Christian artists. Hosting gifted artisans with a God-centered approach to their art, the store will provide a rich backdrop showcasing exemplary work.

Planetarium Theatre

Is what we see CHAOS or DESIGN? Probe the vast inner and outer reaches of our universe to reveal a perfectly organized complexity and structure beyond all human comprehension.  Equipped with advanced technology, the planetarium chamber will be an intimate setting for 75 guests to witness a breath-taking journey through the Story of Creation.

Throughout history humankind has relentlessly questioned the infinitely unknown in a search to find the answer to our existence and purpose. Nature points to the evidence of a Creator all around us. The Story recorded in the Bible reveals God’s character of love, mercy and grace and how these virtues are to find their expression through human interaction and work.

Lighthouse Café

The Lighthouse Café is where you enjoy good food and refreshments while taking in the beautiful view of the nearby scenic Gardens. In this themed environment you can choose between comfortable table seating or a more relaxed café environment to take a break from the day’s excitement and reflect on what you’ve experienced.

Background music and excellent service add to the welcoming, indoor-outdoor setting. Being a family friendly environment parents will also be able to relax as they watch their children play in the nearby Tree of Life playground.

Special Events Exhibit Hall

‘Divine Providence’  – The Founding Fathers’ Exhibition will be the first in a series of inspirational touring exhibitions to be showcased. This first exhibit will demonstrate the history of this great nation in the context of its Christian beginnings and how, within the framework of that heritage, it grew to become the greatest symbol of freedom in the world.

This is the AMERICAN STORY – a timely and essential narrative to explore the incredible founding that defined the direction for this great nation.

Performance Theater

The Performance Theater will feature a blend of performing arts combined with integrated media and theatrical production within an intimate 250-seat setting. The God Experience Theater Company will promote gospel music, variety shows, Christian comedy and artist to provide a medley of family oriented, fun-filled entertainment.

The theater will also be host to seminars, special events and corporate functions throughout the year as well as engaging educational curriculum for all ages.

Garden of Reflection

The picturesque gardens will be set in a beautiful, naturally landscaped area accented with quiet pathways, sculpture and water features.

This multi-functional outdoor area will be a contemplative place where you can stroll, reflect and relax while enjoying the beauty and tranquility of Heritage Hill and the surrounding countryside or experience the entertaining event schedule and seasonal special activities.

Would You Like To Be Part of This?

This is a vision that with your help can come to pass…

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